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Unique property in La Alcoraya, Alicante

The property is beautifully situated on a hill in scenic surroundings at La Alcoraya, about 20 minutes by car from Alicante. From the large terrace, you have a great view of the Sierra de Foncalent volcano. This is a place that provides inspiration and peace of mind. The property is also ideal for hosting larger occasions such as weddings or similar events.

The history of this property dates back to 1900 when the first section was built by Jose Quirant of La Alcoraya. This was originally an agricultural property and parts of the building stock is a natural cave. The uppermost part of the main building was originally a barn. The house was later rehabilitated and rebuilt several times. The last major rehabilitation was in 2004 when today's owner took over the property, which has also given the property an oriental expression.
In 2010 it was opened to the public as a place to enjoy oriental tea. The property has in recent years also been used for events such as weddings and other great occasions with its peculiarity and capacity.

The building
The building is well maintained and in very good condition with many beautiful details. Part of the house is a natural cave and goes well with the beautiful surroundings.

Outdoor area
The stone-covered terrace of 340 m2 is beautifully situated overlooking the beautiful surroundings and the mountains. The terrace is beautifully constructed, with many details like flower beds, trees, artistic details, a pavilion and a superstructure that provides shade. From the terrace, there is a gate to the rest of the plot which is just below. On this land, there are possibilities for further planting or animal husbandry.

The house is in good condition and the building material itself does not require much maintenance beyond paint. Electricity and water supply work very well. Since a part of the house is a natural cave, it provides a cool and comfortable indoor climate.

- The house has a well-functioning heating system
- The terrace has a smart outdoor lighting system, which gives a very nice expression in the evenings.
-In the whole house including the terrace, an integrated sound system is installed which gives an evocative effect.

We´re happy to show you this very special place!



  • Private garden
  • Private parking
  • Views
  • Balcony / terrace
  • Barbeque


  • Size: 240 m2
  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Plot: 7216m2
  • Distance to the sea: 15000


390,000.00 € (VAT not included)

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Property ID: CWG249



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