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How to buy a property in Spain

The buying process

Dont worry.

Your personal agent from Costa Weflen Group will guide and help you through the process

  • Accepted Offer

    When your offer is accepted, you will need to arrange the paperwork with the bank, seller and notary.

    Together with you we will set up a plan for this.

    We have direct contact with Spanish banks and can help you advise and apply for a mortgage here

  • Preparations

    Obtain Spanish id number (NIE)

    Open a Spanish bank account

    Establish contact with a solicitor who will deal with all the legal questions and paperwork

    Make sure you prepare your total budget and do a financial overview for all costs

    We do the background check at the town hall and make sure the property is safe to buy

    Make sure you have made total budget of the total cost before placing your bid

  • Signing sales contract

    At this stage you will be asked to pay the reservation fee. Normally this is between 3.000€ – 6.000€ or 10 % of the total amount. We will advise you for this at the time

  • Signing the deeds

    We, or the one who has your power of attorney will go to the Notary o sign the final deeds and get your keys. On this date you will be required to pay the outstanding amount.

  • Moving into your new home

    When buying a new property, you will need furniture, contracts for internet, water, gas or electricity.

    Maybe you would like to upgrade your property as well? Costa Weflen Group has its own department and dedicated team to help you with this. We call it Aftersales and CWG happy home

Normally our foreign clients don’t have time for completing all these steps while they are here, so we recommend all clients make a power of attorney for our Solicitors so they can do the majority of the paperwork on your behalf.

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