Passion for art! Costa Weflen Group - more than just a real estate agency.
June 13, 2022

Passion for art! Costa Weflen Group - more than just a real estate agency.

"You do not need to know everything, you just need to know whom to ask, or where to look."

We are – Costa Weflen Group – a real estate agency – that has a view of the Costa Blanca coast real-estate residential market. But we are more than that.

We know the area and have a great network of business partners, and collaborators that can help, support and inspire your seamless relocation. 

Art! Where does our passion for art come from?

Costa Weflen Group owner herself is an artist. Hilde Weflen used to paint, and taught art while she was on maternity leave with her children. Her career has taken another direction, but her passion for art did not leave her.

She believes that modern art, design, and gastronomy go hand in hand with real estate. Hilde loves supporting local artists, inspiring clients, and creating a beautiful work environment. 

Decorated the residence with local art

There is an exceptional team that has been involved in designing the offices and residential spaces. Sarah Berenguer from the company Read and Sixty has performed a spectacular interior design that is useful, versatile, efficient, and modern.

What art do we have currently in our office?  


(From lat. interior, -óris) 4. adj. said of a room or dwelling that has no view of the street* *DRAE - Diccionario de la Real Academia Española de la Lengua. 

That's what this work is about, made with a double objective: an exhibition series and a photobook. The setting is the city street and the protagonists are the interiors torn from their intimacy to be shown publicly. 

To show the exteriorized interior, to narrate the departed inhabitants, to show the demolished walls of the city as a vital catalog of what it was. The inner world, the daily soul of its citizens, peeks through the violently opened window to claim the last trace of its presence. And with all this, a whisper of voices that have been left floating in the air of life. 

Carlos Balsalobre, the photographer

Carlos is from Alicante, Master of the Spanish Confederation of Photography CEF, member of the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique FIAP.

"My projects are the result of a continuous process of evolution based on my way of interpreting and showing reality. They are born with an impulse to follow one another naturally, by decantation.

Time and life journeys are what have led me to discover that a photograph means much more than what it seems at first glance and only acquires its meaning depending on what the photographer, consciously or not, delivers to the observer in it. This reflection has led me to dress as an author, understanding that this is the cause of his work. 

Immersed in the field of contemporary artistic practice, my work is based on the reflection on the artistic-documentary ambivalence of the photographic medium, the conceptual and physical construction of the work, and the relationship it establishes with the observer.

Currently, this exploration takes shape by isolating the subject and deconstructing its meaning to talk about issues that concern me: the crisis, the passage of time, and the ruin that remains."

Where can you find us? 

Costa Weflen Group's office is located in Calle San Francisco 64, Alicante. It will be our pleasure to present you with many exciting real estate residential projects, and the art. 

Get in touch! 

Let us invite you for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. 

Hilde and the team

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