The Food Hall in Alicante: a temple of gastronomy with 300 stalls
diciembre 15, 2020

The Food Hall in Alicante: a temple of gastronomy with 300 stalls

There is something unique about the Spanish food market. The sounds. Scents. The atmosphere. Proud fishmongers who loudly convey their fresh catch. Crunchy cheese dishes. Wine and olives. Colorful spice stalls. The hams dangling from the ceiling. Housewives chasing treats for today’s gazpacho. Here soup is not cooked on a stove! 

A visit to the food hall offers you an excellent introduction to the local food culture

The Mercado Central in Alicante can entice you with its 300 sales stalls and it represents a deep dive into Spanish food traditions. It is here, in a beautiful building from 1921 in one of the city’s wide avenues, Alfonso el Sabio, restaurant owners in the city derive inspiration and trade their produce here.

Octopus, rabbit and 11,000 m2 of amazing food quality

The Food Hall is a food mecca for every hobby chef and for anyone who loves good food and good tastes. Here you can listen, smell, peek. Shop, eat, drink. Here you will find the best products at the best prices.

Distributed on 2 floors, cheese and meat reign on the main level while fresh fish, seafood fruits and vegetables are the focus on the floor below.

Squid, shrimp, shells of all sizes, lobster, and eel are just some of the many ingredients you can find here. It is full of exciting ingredients that play an important role in Spanish cuisine.

Fresh meat of beef pork, lamb and poultry. Nuts, bread, cakes, spices, patties, pastries and purees. Here is also offered whole rabbits, a typical commodity in paella in the region. 

Paella lover’s “red gold” Another important raw material in paella is saffron. In the food hall, you find your own stalls with “the red gold”. The spice introduced to the Spaniards by the Arabs hundreds of years ago is heavily rooted in Spanish culture. 

Need a coffee break? A little tapas and a glass of good wine from the district? Among the many food stalls, you will find tapas bars where you can satisfy your appetite. Here, the raw materials are naturally prepared on site.

Our recommendation: get lost on purpose in Mercado Central, the temple of gastronomy in Alicante. You will not regret it. Buen apetito!

Opening hours Mercado Central: Weekdays 07.00 – 14.30 Saturdays 07.00 – 15.00

Address: Avenida Alfonso el Sabio 10

Note that Mondays are the only day without fresh fish! Tip: Visit Plaza de Mayo on the “back” of the food hall (exit north) with outdoor seating surrounded by the city’s flower market

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